Premium Wood Swingsets

Quality Lumber PlayNation uses only the finest hand selected lumber available. The lumber comes from “Certified” forests which have been approved to be harvested and replaced so that these resources remain sustainable. When you choose a swing set made by PlayNation, not only can you be certain that the lumber is strong, durable, and conforms to all national standards for use in children’s play equipment, but you can also be confident that you are making an environmentally sensible, and “green” choice.



With PlayNation's Lifetime Play Systems, you are offered more choices than any other swing set company, especially when it comes to lumber, stain, and sealant options. We use only the best grade of lumber available for wooden swingsets. All of the lumber used in building your wooden swingset is strong and durable, giving you years of safe use. All of our wood conforms to the national standards for use in a swingset.



Whether you choose an "All Inclusive Boxed Set" made from our popular Cedar lumber, which comes "pre loaded" with fantastic play features and carries a 15 year warranty*, or you choose a Custom Lifetime Play System that carries a lifetime warranty*, all of our swing sets have features that are unmatched in the industry.

Heavy Duty Lumber

Heavy Duty Hardware

Safest Play Features