Dear Parents –

Thank you for your interest in Playsets Direct. Playsets Direct is family owned and operated. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Pope, and I am the owner of Playsets Direct. When you have been doing something for thirteen years, it becomes part of who you are. For the past thirteen years I have had the pleasure of working with amazing product lines from PlayNation Play Systems, Inc. I have not just sold and installed their product because it was my job; I truly believe in and stand behind their products. PlayNation has designed and created wooden swing sets with your child’s safety foremost in their minds. They use only the best materials and products available when they create your new playset, and they are proudly made in America. PlayNation is the leader in safety, durability and just plain fun! I invite you to leave your inhibitions behind, become a kid again and explore the world of PlayNation! I look forward to meeting you soon!

Have a great day!

Thomas Pope

What sets Playsets Direct apart from other playset companies?

The owner of Playsets Direct, Thomas Pope, will be working directly with you from beginning to completion of your project. He will come to your home for your free at home personal playset consultation, as well as complete your playset installation if you choose to have us do the installation. You will never have a subcontractor at your house! Thomas has thirteen years of installation experience and will be able to install your playset efficiently and to the highest standards possible. Nobody knows PlayNation playsets better than Thomas!

What to expect?

Step 1:
Schedule your free at home personal playset consultation.

  • During this consultation, Thomas will look at your backyard and expertly advise on the best location for your children to safely play. It does not matter if your backyard is small or unlevel; Thomas has enough experience with layout and leveling that he will be able to make the best recommendation.

Step 2:
Design with a difference

  • During the design phase, you will discuss with Thomas what features you are looking for as well as budget. He understands the importance of getting the features you want without any unnecessary costs. He will work with you to find the perfect playset that meets all of your needs! Thomas knows how to get creative! There are many things that can be done to customize some of our playsystems. For example, there may be features that can be added, deleted or reconfigured to fit your needs. You have the convenience of designing with the owner of the company. Therefore he can answer all your questions without someone having to get back with you.
  • If you would like to customize your “play zone” with mulch, rubber mulch, borders or any type of landscaping, Thomas can help you design your space.

Step 3:
Receive your playset when you need it

  • There is no hassle during our ordering process! You pay for half of the playset upfront and then the remaining at completion of the project; whether that be at delivery or completion of the installation.
  • We except cash, checks, debit cards and all major credit cards except American Express.
  • Speedy fast delivery! The average delivery is less than two weeks.
  • FREE shipping!
  • FREE delivery!

Step 4:
Installation by the best!

  • Our owner, Thomas, completes all installations! He had thirteen years of experience installing PlayNation playsets. No subcontractors! We are talking about your children’s safety – you don’t know the experience and background of subcontractors…Let us do it right and make sure your children’s playset is installed properly.
  • We install on weekends so you don’t have to take time off from work!
  • You have the convenience of having the owner of the company in your backyard the entire time.
  • Playsets Direct is fully insured.

Step 5:
Service after the sale/installation

  • After your purchase, you become part of the Playsets Direct family – please don’t hesitate to call us, 704-299-3121, or email us,, with any questions you may have.

What type of warranty will come with my playset?

  • In addition to your PlayNation warranty, Playsets Direct has a one year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty.
  • PlayNation warrants its Enchanted, Dreamer, and Majestic series of play sets to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for structural wood components for the entire lifetime that the original retail purchaser owns the playset and for two years for all other components (i.e., hardware, plastics, tarps, ropes, rope ladders, etc.).
  • PlayNation warrants its PlayNation Mystic series of play sets to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 15 years for structural wood components and for one year for all other components (i.e., hardware, plastics, tarps, ropes, rope ladders, etc.). For more information, click here.

Step 6:
Have fun! If you can dream it, we can build it! Let’s have fun together!